About odd

Is now the time to nourish your creative soul?

– we think so.

Odd trod arts is a fresh one of a kind creative excursion company. We believe everyone needs creative output in their life and what better way to do that than take inspiration from the great outdoors.We tailor courses to suit you, if you have time book up a weekend, if you dont, make time for a day pass.

Our exclusive excursions offer you an opportunity to distance yourself from everyday pressures, technology, work commitments, routines. Our day pass and 2 day pass can be booked today and very soon you can be creating a unique artwork, unlike any other to take home and cherish for a lifetime.

Stay Odd folks,


Who is odd trod?

Michelle Hendry is a Glasgow school of art graduate, graduating in Fine Art and an oil painter for over two decades, which puts you in experienced hands during your trip with Odd Trod. As your tutor and guide Michelle will guide you through the process of creating your artwork, discussing techniques and tricks to help you establish your finished painting. Part of your journey will be exploring and seeking out that vantage point to create your painting, getting to know the landscape.This will be a unique experience to create something outdoors, as artist have been doing for years.

Im a real believer in the benefits of having a creative practice, crafting, knitting, dancing, singing, painting. For me creating is vital, and having the opportunity to introduce or help someone rekindle their interest in creating makes me very happy. Coming along to an Odd trod tour should offer you a chance to be present and experience an art adventure and a retreat. If your into facing into the sea breeze, listening to birdsong, forest bathing and want to seek a way to reconnecting with nature then this is for you.

As a college lecturer for the last ten years, Michelle has worked with a variety of learners. When you reach Odd trod, wither you be a novice or someone whos been doing this for years, I endeavor to provide you with an opportunity to create something special and enjoy the process of mark making.

Above all Stay odd folks,

Michelle Hendry