Inspiration for Odd Trodders

Photo of Joan Eardley, painting at Catterline, 1050s

Eardley painted on location, often during wild storms, using oil and boat paint mixed with newspaper, sand and grasses on hardboard, as captured in Audrey Walker’s photograph Eardley painting facing the sea on the shore at Catterline, 1950

Eardley painted during different seasons and climates with a seriality similar to Claude Monet. Her lyrical paintings include Seeded Grasses and Daisies, September, 1960, which combined collaged elements of real grasses and daisies against a sombre sky. Catterline in Winter, 1963, portrays the same fields overcast by a leaden winter sky, in one of her best loved paintings.


From a young age Joan Eardley has been an idol for me, there weren’t many Scottish oil painters to pick from that were also a woman! Eardley painted with energy and in the face of the Scottish weather and I’m sure you agree created some amazing paintings that have stood the test of time. Throughout my career I’ve had her work and career in my mind and after exploring lots of materials have generated back towards oil painting and the sea being the subject matter. its never too late to explore your creative self and Odd trod arts can help you do that.

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