Lovely group today at our favourite beach

Today I had a full booking of the Wee Dauner coastal painting. We enjoyed exploring the beach and capturing the different light and shadows in oils as the tide pulled back. Beautiful restful and rejuvenating day with Laura Edwards creative director of, Angela Dickson of yoga71 and mindfulness tutor Gemma Cummins .Feeling thankful we crossed paths and well done in creating some amazing work you’ll treasure forever. Thanks ladies, you did great.

Check back later for more pictures of their work..

#mindfulnessthroughpainting #passingonthepainting #sharingstories #womenarefab #stayodd #saltoftheearth

Wee Dauner Art Adventure August 2020

Book your next Wee Dauner Art Adventure with odd trod through our contact us form at the top of the page complete and I’ll call or email you.

Thanks, Michelle

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